About Us

What our Identity is

Royal Kings Limited was fused in 2019. Today, with a blend of contribution drove understanding and youthful luxury, Royal kings works with raised necessities of significant worth in the spirits business, made incentive for make a motivator for all of our accomplices. Our essence in various areas and prices tags of the value chain is doubtlessly recognizable, with by and large around composed exercises supporting ensuring quality and cost control.

Royal kings India is the country’s driving reward alcohol association with a momentous collection of premium brands – a business in view of the foundation and norms set somewhere near the beasts of the business.

We are India’s driving reward alcohol association with a momentous course of action of premium brands. We are a high performing business that is sensitive to client, neighborhood, social prerequisites. We are satisfied with being a reliable producer and publicist of drink alcohol, and we champion careful use as an element of a fair lifestyle. Our tip top portfolio joins premium brands like VSOP, XO, SODA.

Our Motto

We are energetic with respect to clients and purchasers – our advantage and client and buyer experience drive development. We care for our brands. We are brave in seeking after their greatest limit. We’re innovative, constantly searching for novel musings that drive improvement, making them across our business.

We offer ourselves and each other the chance to prevail because this energizes an imaginative soul. We trust each other; we’re open and testing. We for the most part act aggregately – when we are together and when we are isolated.

We are happy for what we do – we act gently with the best assumptions for genuineness and social commitment. We appreciate and benefit from assortment.


We will attempt to be wonderful – we are irritable, ceaselessly learning, constantly getting to the next level. We ceaselessly set raised assumptions and a short time later make a nice endeavor to outperform them. We convey results, win where we battle and laud our success.


We regard each other – we search for and benefit according to arranged people and perspectives. We attempt to make ordinarily fulfilling associations and associations.

What Drives Us

We are an association collected and upheld through improvement, which gives us the drive to make new things, new arrangements and new experiences for purchasers, to envision strong brands today and in the future for others to take further. As present-day overseers of a piece of the world’s most eminent brands, it is our commitment to ensure that they stay as significant today as they have done beforehand, and to give them to the bleeding edge in far superior shape.


Our Mission

To lay out Royal Kings as a head soul and alcohol organization with the most elevated levels of value, product delivery and service, while additionally exhibiting the strength of our brands and our obligation to the local area as a decent corporate resident.

Our Vision

To keep furnishing predominant buyer experience with a powerful arrangement of brands across all classifications and serve each individual in their regular and unprecedented minutes the same.

Our Values

We are enthusiastic with regards to what we do. We instill an enterprising soul so every part takes responsibility for work and conveys results that surpass assumptions.
• We are glad for conveying items that make long lasting steadfast clients. We work steadily to make energizing new encounters.
• We treat advancement in a serious way. We aren't hesitant to provoke existing practices to make better forms of ourselves.
• Care and trust characterizes our business and our way of life. We are a family and take care of one another.